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The BEST Whole30 products

The BEST Whole30 products


Before I started the Whole30, I frequently bought many of these products during my grocery run because as you all know, I can't have gluten or dairy anyways. Now that I am doing Whole30, they have become lifesavers for quick and convenient meals/snacks on the go. The biggest challenge during Whole30 is getting hangry due to lack of convenient food options. The best thing you can do for yourself before beginning the Whole30? Stock up on some of the items below to avoid the hangries and prepare for success!

Pro tip : Buy kits from my friends over at Barefoot Provisions or from my friend at The Whole Box. They have done the legwork and put together some Whole30 "necessities" that makes it easy to get started. Or simply take a peek at the "Shop Food" tab on our site to find some grab-and-go options to help make your Whole30 a success!

So without further ado, in no particular order I have listed out my top 10 Whole30 products!

1. Chomps

Ok so this one is in the proper order - it's literally the most important snack on this list. Being hypoglycemic, I crash really fast without quick access to protein. Chomps are super convenient and shelf stable so you can throw them in your purse or car if you get in a bind. My husband keeps them in his pocket : if he senses the hangries, he throws one at me and runs in the opposite direction (not really but he probably thinks about it often). 

2. Larabars

Second most important snack on this list. Larabars are technically Whole30 compliant, although I will say, the whole point of the Whole30 is to get rid of extra sugars and be a "reset" for your diet. I would suggest using Larabars as a "treat" only a few times throughout the month if you can feel yourself going over the edge of sanity. 

3. Primal Kitchen Mayo/Ranch

Primal Kitchen's mayo and ranch is the best I've found on the market. I mix the mayo in a can of tuna sometimes for a quick an easy meal on the go. The ranch is amazing if you want to make some Whole30 compliant chicken wings or if you're simply tired of eating boring salads.

4. Epic Bone Broth

Epic Bone Broth was the perfect meal for easy and quick protein. I am rarely super hungry at night, so I usually whip up a bone broth with some grassfed ghee, organic coconut oil, and a little collagen for some extra protein. However, those with histamine issues should consider trying meat stock instead of bone broth. Found this out the hard way lol  

5. Plantain chips

These chips are perfect for when you desperately want to munch on something or eat some guacamole with a chip-like crunch. They're delicious and give you a bit of extra carbs (which is helpful if you’re working out during Whole30). I suggest buying some at your local grocery store and baking them yourself (pretty sure they don't "allow" any kind of pre-made chip anymore on Whole30).

6. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

I prefer Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides because it is flavorless and mixes with literally anything. I throw it in the blender with my coffee, Wander Life Creamer, and some ghee. Try using it in your bone broth, soups, or even your smoothies (when you're not doing Whole30) for a flavorless protein. 

7. Grassfed Ghee

If you’re like me and get tired of the taste of cooking with coconut oil, then ghee is for you. I can't have dairy anyways so this is an at-home staple. I cook with it, I put it in my coffee/bone broth, and I would literally bathe in this stuff if I could (not really bc wow that sounds messy). 

8. Siete Tortillas

These tortillas are absolute lifesavers when you're in a pinch and need to whip up a quick meal. In our house, Mexican food reigns supreme (at least according to my husband) so it helps to be able to throw leftover chicken, beef, etc into a taco and call it a day. (I am aware people have mixed feelings about tortillas as they can be a "no brakes" food for some, but for me this journey is more about eliminating foods that cause inflammation than it is about weight loss/resetting my palate/emotional eating etc. - you know what’s best for you. ) 

9. Cassava Flour by Otto's Naturals

Ok so I don't do a ton of baking or anything, but if you need flour in a recipe, I have found Cassava Flour to be super mild tasting and easy to cook with. Nothing against coconut flour or almond flour, but they definitely have a "taste" to them - which can definitely change the taste of whatever recipe you're making.

10. Wander Life Creamer Unsweetened Flavors

DUH. Couldn't leave my own Whole30 products off this list now could I? A little shameless self promotion never hurt anyone. Also, every single person I have ever talked to that's completed a Whole30 said that their coffee creamer was the hardest thing for them to give up. Now they don't have to - they can have their coffee and enjoy it too :)


What are some Whole30 foods that you just can’t live without? Comment below 🤗



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