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January Whole30

January Whole30

That's it. I've decided. I am doing my first 100% full-on, Whole30 in January. I think I even talked my huz into doing it with me. Why wait until January when everyone else and their moms are going to also start a Whole30 and probably join a gym for their New Year's Resolutions? Are New Year's Resolutions even a thing anymore? Why not just start now? Why not just create healthier habits instead of doing an "extreme" program?

Look. We're all human. And to be honest, my birthday is Christmas Eve (lucky me), and I would like to enjoy myself a bit during the holidays.  I pretty much always consistently work out (2-3x per week typically) but during the holidays it seems like I am simply burning the calories so I can enjoy a piece of pie without gaining 10lbs. Maintaining, instead of making progress.

So, yes I already work out. Yes I already eat gluten free and dairy free and try to avoid sugar since I am severely hypoglycemic. Why do a Whole30 when my diet is already somewhat strict? Because to be honest, I haven't been feeling that great. My energy levels are low and I feel bloated. After looking at a few pictures from a friend's Christmas party, I realized my face looked bloated and my whole body feels inflamed. I can't even wear my wedding rings as it seems I have developed a reaction to certain kinds of metals. I am honestly not entirely sure what is going on, but I have a feeling it's probably diet related. 

I want to start fresh. Start from scratch and start using the elimination method to figure out what is triggering this inflammatory response. I slowly began to reintroduce cheese back into my diet and I don't seem to have a problem with it (at least not like I do with milk, ice cream, etc) but I do wonder if it's causing the excessive inflammation and allergic reactions to other things. Sometimes, we may have sensitivities to foods and not realize it because the symptoms showcase themselves in other ways.

For example, my husband doesn't have the traditional reaction to gluten that some people have (digestive problems) but when he cuts gluten from his diet, he no longer experiences allergy symptoms (itching, sneezing, runny nose, etc.). My theory is that our bodies can only handle so much. While you may not be "allergic" to a food, you may be sensitive to it which may cause inflammatory responses as it pushes our immune systems over the edge of what it can handle. So perhaps, by cutting out the gluten, my husband's body is able to effectively ward off environmental allergens thereby cutting the symptoms. (I am sure there is scientific research that could prove/disprove my theory but as far as I'm concerned, I try to listen to my body and make changes from there).

Another thing I like about Whole30 as a "diet reset" is that it helps you focus on eating "real food" and brings it back to basics. I know I could definitely use some more practice in eating less "processed" food and get used to cooking more simple meats and veggies. 

SO  - there it is. I am doing the Whole30 starting in January to try to feel better again. Everyone has their opinion on New Year's Resolutions but I think ultimately, it can't hurt to have a huge support system of people that are starting something new right along with you. Love to hear any tips and tricks for starting the Whole30! What were your favorite recipes/snacks/etc?

Wish me luck! I will be posting some pics along the way of what I am eating/doing throughout the month.

Kat - Wander Life

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